My review of “Cage Of Bone” by Leanne Beattie

A difficult subject . . . a compelling read!   5 Stars

How does a sixteen year old cope with the suicide of her older sister, the sister who was popular and perfect in every way? Or was she? There are whispers at school and certain people who knew Katherine make cruel comments to her confused sister, Ronnie, who is angry and searching for answers, but her emotional turmoil prevents her from reaching out to her school friends whom she pushes away despite their efforts to reach her. Ronnie is drowning in her pain. Her separated parents, who are also trying to deal with the tragedy themselves, are no help either. Ronnie is angry at them, too, and sees herself as a tough young woman quite capable of making her own choices and cutting her own path in the world and refuses to admit even to herself, let alone those closest to her, that she may not be coping. This book deals with raw emotion and passion as Ronnie struggles to find balance in a painful and suddenly unfamiliar world. Cage of Bone is well written and the difficult subject matter is handled masterfully by the author making Ronnie’s journey a story well worth reading.


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