The Soldier’s Seed

The Soldier’s Seed

Series: Southern Skyes, Book 1

The Soldier’s Seed, the first book of the Southern Skyes family saga, is a novel that captures the wide range of relationships between colonial, convict, and indigenous families during the tumultuous events that defined the early penal colonies of Australia.

Nicholas Thomas, a soldier in the New South Wales Corps, loathes his life in Sydney Town and through a series of events of his own making he finds himself running from his past to what could be an even worse fate.

While pioneering a new settlement that encounters one problem after another, he struggles to find his true self and identify what he really wants from life . . . until he meets a woman a soldier shouldn’t love. When tragedy strikes, he is forced to make choices that will affect his descendants for decades to come.

The Soldier’s Seed is a heart-rending adventure and an exciting introduction to Australian history and the epic Southern Skyes series.

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The Soldier's Seed: Southern Skyes Book 1 by Sharyn Bradford Lunn is a story set deep in the rich, dynamic and very diverse history of Australia. Book 1 in the series follows Nicholas Thomas, who is a soldier in the New South Wales Corps. Nicholas is tired of his life and he does not really care for Sydney Town. Wanting a change, he takes it upon himself to start a new settlement where he wishes to find himself and create a path that he could follow and build his life on. However, it is not easy, especially when he has to face troubles that come with establishing your own settlement. His real tests begin when he falls in love with a woman that he has no business falling in love with. She is a convict, he is a soldier, and there is no place in this land where he can live a happy life with her. Devastated and conflicted, he sets out on a path that leads him to tragedy. However, luck is on his side when he meets a beautiful woman who might be just what he needs. But will he give it a chance? Will he allow himself to love once again? Set in the 1800s, the novel takes the reader to a time and a place that we are not familiar with, yet at the same time, Sharyn Bradford Lunn writes the novel in such a way that you feel like you are reading about your home. The characters are very well-developed, primarily because she did her research really well. She went deep into the history of this rich country and pulled off writing a novel that is thrilling, interesting, entertaining and simply marvelous. Brilliantly well-constructed!
-- Rabia
Great read! Roam the high seas and explore the empty lands called Australia and New Zealand. This novel takes you to the early years, the hardships of those people, the courage that it took to sail thousands of miles to a new land. Very good story line and the characters are well developed. You won't be disappointed. Looking forward to getting the next in the series.
-- Teresa
A work of historical fiction and the first of a family saga, 'The Soldier’s Seed' tells the tale of Nicholas Thomas, a soldier in the New South Wales Corps. One of many sent out to settle the islands of Australia with colonists and criminals, he loathes his life and is running from past mistakes. He volunteers to leave Sydney Town and join Bowen to settle Van Diemen's Land. Nicholas' love for two women - one a convict and later a native woman - changes not only his life but that of his decedents for generations.

Spanning decades, Bradford Lunn brings Australia’s history to life among both the colonists and the original tribes that inhabit the islands. An intriguing topic, and Bradford Lunn masterfully shows multiple perspectives of both fictional and real life characters as they try to build what eventually became modern Australia. The different prejudices are expanded on and are left open for further exploration as the saga continues. While Nicholas is not the most respectable character, his actions and interactions are well written and the story fully explores the history of not only the colonists, but also the whalers, sealers, aborigine tribes, soldiers, and children of both races. Readers will enjoy learning so much about Australia’s history and although the story does seem to drag on at times, it is still beautifully written and worth the read!
-- Sarah
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