Embers of the Soul

Embers of the Soul

Series: Southern Skyes, Book 4

Embers of the Soul, the fourth book in the Southern Skyes Australian family saga, contains some exciting turns.

The deep secrets woven amidst the branches of the McCabe and Skye family trees have been hidden for years until now. More quickly than shifting sands on the shores of Tasmania, these family secrets are tumbling forth with unleashed fury. All of this immensely displeases the egocentric elder brother Griff McCabe, who has spent a lifetime carefully plotting to protect the family name from the disgraces of the past—and in his eyes, the worst of all—the drops of aboriginal blood that course through the roots of the ancestral tree.

Now, as tragedy befalls younger brother, Hawkin McCabe, and the next generation matures, those branches are breaking. The wounds have voices, revealing the true ties that bind the McCabes and the Skyes . . . and the one soldier who started it all so many generations before.

What will the fruits be?

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