Just released! Southern Cross Rising – book five of the Southern Skyes series

In the fifth book of the Southern Skyes series, the era is ripe for historic battles, during a time spanning the Boer Wars, Australian federation, women’s suffrage, and World War I. Among those warriors for progress are members of the Skye and McCabe families, not just on the battlefield, but in their homes and communities as well. 

As the new generation seeks to forge an enlightened future, the tentacles of the old guard continue to breech the new. Prejudices, forbidden love, and the grip of legacies prove they are without bounds. 

And so the saga continues, set against a backdrop of hope brought about by the emergence of a new nation.

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Well, I always try not to be behind the times, but Inkitt – a site for authors and readers – totally slipped by me until now.

Here you’ll find great free reads, contests to enter and more.

As an Australian author I really enjoy the opportunity to promote other Aussie writers and today it’s the talented Ellen May Franklin. She’s written an entertaining and totally original short story that writers, editors and readers in general are sure to enjoy.

Please read “War of the Words” . . . and if you love it, click the heart at the end of the story.

Drawing-of-Anime-Fantasy-Girl (1)Ellen May Franklin is the author of the “Tarkeenia” fantasy series and may visit her website here.

She may also be found on Facebook

My review of “Cage Of Bone” by Leanne Beattie

A difficult subject . . . a compelling read!   5 Stars

How does a sixteen year old cope with the suicide of her older sister, the sister who was popular and perfect in every way? Or was she? There are whispers at school and certain people who knew Katherine make cruel comments to her confused sister, Ronnie, who is angry and searching for answers, but her emotional turmoil prevents her from reaching out to her school friends whom she pushes away despite their efforts to reach her. Ronnie is drowning in her pain. Her separated parents, who are also trying to deal with the tragedy themselves, are no help either. Ronnie is angry at them, too, and sees herself as a tough young woman quite capable of making her own choices and cutting her own path in the world and refuses to admit even to herself, let alone those closest to her, that she may not be coping. This book deals with raw emotion and passion as Ronnie struggles to find balance in a painful and suddenly unfamiliar world. Cage of Bone is well written and the difficult subject matter is handled masterfully by the author making Ronnie’s journey a story well worth reading.


Learn more about Leanne Beattie here

Returning to writing


Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on this site and even longer since I’ve done any writing, but after the upheaval in my person life during which I lost both my parents, six months apart, I’m finally ready, and in the right frame of mind, to hit the keyboard once again.

The outline for the fifth book in the Southern Skyes series, which is as yet unnamed, has been written for a long time now and I’ve just recently started on it’s expansion. My editor is expecting the completed manuscript by June so, hopefully, it will be released around August.

Then it will be on to the final book which will complete the series . . . unless, of course, I decide to go off on a tangent with some of the more interesting people and events of the series.

Who knows?

Leanne Wood’s Book Launch

“PAGES OF YOUR LIFE – The Secret Life Of Shirley Rumming”

was officially released at a book launch held at the Central West Library yesterday evening, September 30th, 2014

Leanne's book launch 1

“Last night was a huge success and an extremely memorable event. It was moment, that at times I never thought would happen. Last night, people I recognised and many I had never seen before surrounded me. Some sat while others stood listening to my every word. They were there to attend my first official book launch. I appreciated them all; I answered questions and signed my novel as a smile danced across my face.

Today I am a writer. I sit at my desk. I tap away at my keyboard.

I love what I do, the power to create and shape characters. To set scenes and destroy others. I love being a writer. I appreciate all opinions, support and words of encouragement. My hope is that people will enjoy reading, what I write.

I love what I do; I love being a writer.” ~ Leanne Wood

DSC_0338The Story’s Overview:

An aging Shirley Rumming has never had so many reasons to disclose details of her life. A life she concedes is based on secrets and lies. She worries her silence will demonstrate betrayal. Attempting to seek understanding and forgiveness she must reveal all however, her body is failing and she fears she is not long for this world.

“Pages Of Your Life – The Secret Life Of Shirley Rumming” (ISBN 9781742844800) is now available for purchase in many bookstores within Australia, United States and United Kingdom etc. In Orange, NSW, it can be purchased at both Boomer’s Bookshop and Collins Bookshop.

To search online just type in the ISBN number to your browser bar (where you would normally put a website address) and hit enter.


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DSC_0337There were many happy, supportive faces at the book launch and “yours truly” was pleased to be one of them. (I wonder if you can spot me?)


Author Interview – Leanne Wood

I am so happy to have made friends with so many wonderful and talented authors and it’s wonderful to learn more about each one of them and the journey that led them to become writers.  Today I want to introduce an amazing person I met at my local writers’ group.  Her name is Leanne Wood.

Leanne Wood


Leanne is a freelance writer and a poet, a research enthusiast who possesses a love for creativity and a keen interest in trivia and historical events. Leanne appreciates good friends, enjoys great food and wine and loves to travel.

After moving from Sydney to Orange Leanne was faced with a life shattering ordeal, forcing her to reassess everything, with sheer determination and a strong mind she overcame the obstacles electing to live life to its fullest and follow her dreams.

The inspiration for her novel “Pages of Your Life – The Secret Life of Shirley Rumming” was sparked by five words a friend once said You are an unaffectionate person.  Moreover, it blossomed with a love of listening to tales relating to her father, aunt and uncles’ youth. Coupled together with her keen interest in research, trivia and historical events and touching on snippets of her grandparents’ experiences and the lives of those around her, it is a story close to her heart.


So you’ve written your first book – “Pages of Your Life: The Secret Life of Shirley Rumming” – and just revealed its cover, when will readers be able to buy the ebook and print versions?

I am hopeful my novel will be released in the next 2 to 3 months. (this date is yet to be confirmed)

Can you tell us a little about the story?

Set primarily against the beautiful backdrop of an evolving Sydney and spanning through the Great Depression, World War Two and beyond Pages of Your Life is the world as seen through the eyes of Shirley Rumming. It is a tale about life decisions, consequences and regrets, in which calamities of the past collide with secrets revealed and the clearing of the conscious.

Did something or someone inspire you to write this book?

I have always been interested in writing, starting with poetry. A friend made a comment and my novel began.

Are the experiences of the main characters based on someone you know, or events in your own life? 

The main characters are fictional however some of the experiences are adaptations based on those of relatives; experiences from World War II, schooling in the early 1900’s and rationing in Australia etc,.

What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing it to life?  

I did complete many hours of research into Australian history to accurately reflect the period in which the novel spans.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

A person should never judge a book by its cover and life is full of surprises.

Do you find it challenging being an Indie writer?

Writing can always be a challenge at times while at other times the words simply flow and flow and flow.

I assume you have a lot of support from family members. Are there others whom you feel supported you outside of family?

Definitely, I am extremely lucky to have a very special, supportive and caring partner and a true inner circle of friends.

Who is your favourite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? 

Bryce Courtenay, the way in which he can bring characters to life.

Did you always want to be a writer?

Yes, I have always enjoyed writing and poetry.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I was lucky enough to have a couple of encouraging English teachers.

What part of the book did you find most difficult to write? 

As the book spans over many years, I wanted to set the scene and correctly reflect the times with facts relating to historical events. Ensuring there was a balance of facts in which the story could take place without the reader feeling overcome by these facts was imperative.

Do you have a mentor?

No, I generally look at many individuals and draw from the positive aspects of their life as no one individual is perfect.

Who designed the striking cover for “Pages of Your Life: The Secret Life of Shirley Rumming”? 

I did, the photo is from a collection of photos once owned by my grandfather.

Before we close, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am originally from Sydney and moved to Orange in 2000. A life altering experience resulted in personal struggles with PTSD and depression. Writing assisted greatly through this period.

What are six most favourite things?

Good friends, enjoying life with the people I love, red wine, cooking, travelling and writing of course.

What are your six pet hates?

Liars, dishonesty, bullies, discrimination, false fronted people and ironing

And lastly, have you decided on your next project? 

Yes, I am already in the process of writing another novel “Travels Through My Mind” and have ideas for a novel after that.


Find out more about Leanne and her book on Facebook