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      • Did you know that the largest square rigger had 7 masts and they had to come up with a name for the 7th? It never sailed because it burned at the pier before it ever took a trip. The masts are from fore to aft: Fore, Main, Mizzen, Jigger, Kicker, Pusher, Spanker. Just another piece of trivia I learned at the U.S. Naval Academy about 60 years ago. My boat has only a Main & Mizzen with no jib. Easier to sail than most.

      • I don’t think anybody knows, but outfitting a ship alongside a pier probably had lots of opportunities for fires to get out of control, from the galley to the candles below. Wikipedia says there was another 7 masted schooner, which did go sailing but the other one I cannot find he name of was a full rigged ship.

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